Michigan College Bass Circuit Tournament Rules


All participants must be a full-time student or a part time student that was full time the pervious semester, at an accredited university or community college. Students that are incoming freshman are eligible to fish with proof of 2018 fall enrollment. Eligibility lasts 1-year post graduation date. All participates must be prepared to prove their eligibility at any event. Tournaments will be held at the scheduled date, time and location on this website and are scheduled to run 8 hours. Launch time may be affected by sunrise times, weather or other circumstance and therefore will be announced at the ramp prior to take-off. It is the responsibility of the director to announce the weigh-in time prior to take off, however it is the responsibility of the angler to know the weigh-in time. If the angler misses the announcement, they should ask the director prior to take-off or on the water during competition. There is a $50.00 yearly membership fee per angler (not team) to participate. This fee covers your membership for MCBC and for West Michigan Bass. All members 18 years and older must read and sign liability waiver before participating in any MCBC or WMB tournament. All member under the age of 18 must have the liability waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. A signed waiver is considered valid for one tournament season. The entry fee for a regular MCBC event is $70.00 per boat. $10.00 of that entry fee goes for a big bass pot and $10.00 goes into the yearend Championship pot.. The entry fee for the MCBC Championship Classic will be $35.00 per angler. There is no boat limit. Commitment to participate will be decided upon by the angler by paying the entry and membership fees. Parking tickets or other infractions because of limited space or creative parking are the responsibility of the angler.

General Rules

The winner of the tournament is determined by the weight of the 5 bass or less. Only largemouth or smallmouth bass can be weighted. In the event of a tie, big bass weight will be used to determine the winning team. Anglers are only allowed to fish with one line per person at a time. Anglers may only use artificial baits to catch bass during the tournament. Anglers may not snag fish or troll for fish. The Great Lakes are off limits on any body of water that is connected to the Great Lakes. You may not go past the end of the pier heads. The resolution of protests will be handled by the director(s) at the time of the protest is presented. All protests must be presented within 10 minutes of the scales closing. MCBC & WMB requires the use of USGC approved life vest and kill switch lanyards at any time when using the outboard engine. Failure to wear a life vest can result in disqualification.

Boat and Boat Operation

It is the boat owner’s responsibility to comply with all state and local regulations and have the watercraft equipped properly with safety equipment. It is the boat operator’s responsibility to know and understand all boating laws, no wake restrictions, high speed boating restrictions, lake speed limits or other similar rules or restrictions. All boats are required to be equipped with a functional live well. No fish baskets or stringers may be used. Homemade or cooler live wells are allowed if equipped with an aeration or oxidation system.


Teams are a maximum 2 anglers per boat. Anglers may fish alone or with any partner they wish at any event.

Tournament Conduct

All state and local laws must be followed. Sportsmanship and courtesy will be shown by all teams entered towards fellow tournament anglers as well as any local fishermen, other boaters or property owners. Failure to comply can result in disqualification at the discretion of the Director(s). Disqualification will include forfeit of entry fees. Participates are not allowed to use illegal drugs or alcohol during tournament hours.


Late To Weigh-in:
Dead Fish
Short Fish

Points & Scoring

Points are accumulated and tracked per angler

Points can be accumulated as follows (per angler, per event):
One point per boat will be given based on the number of boats (Number of Boats - (Place + 1) = Points) for example with 11 boats, 1st place receives 11 pts, 2nd 10pts, 3rd 9pts and so on. Zero fish ties and/or last place will be awarded 0 additional points.

School of the Year

School of the Year will be determined by taking the highest aggregate of the points of its highest four (4) anglers for each school. The leading school will be granted one (1) team entry to the WMB classic with two (2) members of its choosing. Team Members must have additionally qualified to fish the MCBC championship.

MCBC Angler of the Year

The Angler of the Year will be determined by the total points earned by team or individual at the end of the four (4) regular season events. The AOY will be invited to fish the WMB Classic. MCBC Championship & WMB Classic MCBC members that fish all three (3) regular season events will qualify for a free birth in the 2017 MCBC Championship MCBC members who fished two (2) of the three (3) regular season events are eligible to fish the classic, but will have a $30.00 per angler entry fee. In the event that one MCBC member has fished two (2) events and the other partner three (3), the angler that fished two (2) events will have a $30.00 entry fee.